Friday, September 28, 2012

Taking Time


Life can get very busy very quickly.  An endless to-do list, appointments, and commitments can make life seem a little overwhelming at times.  If your life is like mine, there are so many times that it seems we do not have two seconds to stop and catch our breath before the next thing to do pops up on the radar...but such is life as we know it in the 21st century.

I think this makes it important to take time to evaluate what it is that we want to set as our major priority, our main thing, our passion,  that one thing that we want to leave as our legacy long after we are gone from this earth.  We need to take time to sit down and figure out what mark we want to leave on this earth, and set our course towards that task.  For me, I think that revolves around the relationships that God has blessed my life with.

A while back I read a book with a section on contentment.  The writer described how she was always looking forward to the next event or season in her life....wishing that certain life events would come to pass--and ultimately missing out on the good parts of the current season she was in.  I can totally relate to that.  When I was in school, I could not wait for graduation and to start college.  Once in college, I could not wait to begin my career.  When I was single, I could not wait to get married.  In doing this, my life seems like a total blur.  I know where I am...but for the life of me, I do not know how these seasons of my life passed before my life so quickly.  I wonder if "wishing our lives away" is a symptom of discontentment in our present set of circumstances. 

As a person who generally sees herself as content, I wonder why I am wishing my life away, instead of taking the time to savor all of the little moments that form the big picture of my life?  For me, I think it has to do with planning for what is ahead rather than taking the time to enjoy the moment before me.  It is easy to take those mundane moments for granted now, amid the housework, careers, and all of the obligations that we commit ourselves to do.  Maybe, we need to just take a quick moment during our quiet time with God to just be thankful for all of those mundane moments that are filled with so many blessings like good health, relationships that have enabled us to grow, the fact that we have enough and do not lack anything we need--because in reality, there are so many who would give anything for good health, healthy relationships with their family, a good job that they enjoy, or even a paycheck that provides for the needs of their family.  Maybe wishing the seasons of life away is more of a sign of a lack of gratitude in our lives than a season of discontent.  We enjoy where we are in life, but are too focused on the things that lie ahead than to thank God for the here and now.  Maybe we just need to take time with God and thank Him for all of the blessings He has placed in our lives.