Friday, November 30, 2012

My Gift

This Christmas, my heart is focused on the promise that Christmas brings.  Jesus is God with us.  He is the love of God embodied in a man.  It is the promise that God will not ever be separated from His children ever again, because of the sacrifice Jesus paid on the cross.  Jesus is our gift from God, but what do we give to him in return?

Jesus asked his disciples to "Follow me."  As I look at my life, there have been times I have tried to follow him, but many times, I have chosen to follow my own lead.  This Christmas, I want to follow Jesus more.  I want more of him and less of me through out the rest of this year, and the rest of my life.

What does this look like in a modern day life of a Christian?  I am not exactly sure...but I do know it involves getting to know the Savior up close and personal by reading and studying His word, letting him get into our business and letting him sort it all out.

If we truly followed him to the point of sacrifice, how would our lives, relationships, churches, cities, workplaces, and our world change?  If we were true reflections of who Jesus was on this earth, there would be fewer hungry, lost, lonely, broken people, because we would share His love with him through meeting their needs.   We can spout politics, our philosophies, and our opinions on things, but none of this will change our world.  The world needs to see Jesus's life walked out in the people who claim to love him. We are the hands and feet of Christ to our world.  What will we choose to do?