Friday, December 10, 2010

No Accidents and No Coincidences

I am a planner.  I blame it on seven years of being an elementary teacher in a public school.  I plan everything, and on a good day, I have my day planned out from the time my feet venture out from the warmth of my nice cozy bed to the time they retreat back there for sleep. I even plan the days that I want to relax, so that I don't plan anything for the day.  For me, planning can be a blessing and a curse.  It is a blessing, because I know what I want to accomplish that day, a curse because so often life happens, and I have to divert from the plan.

I think that little fact of life makes me appreciate God's plan, because His plan, unlike mine, is always right on course.  Nothing takes Him by surprise, and there are no accidents with God.  Everything has a plan and a purpose, from him speaking the world into being, and even my desire to have everything perfectly planned out (although I do not understand the purpose of that last one yet).

God knew before He ever laid the foundations of the earth and created man, that we would sin.  He knew when He gave Moses the 10 Commandments upon the mountain, that we would not be able to keep them. He knew that we would fail miserably and had planned to send us a Savior--long before we were ever created.

I think sometimes I approach God's plans like I do my own, like this is what he wanted to get accomplished, but if it does not work out  then we will go to Plan B.  With God there is no Plan B.  Jesus was Plan A, because God knew we would need a savior.  The moment we realize that simple fact, maybe  we will see our own lives differently.  Instead of hiding our failures and shortcomings, we would turn to God's plan--Jesus to meet our needs, heal our hurts, and fix our mistakes.

Jennifer Meyers (C) 2010

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