Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Season of Miracles

A couple of friends of ours began their family Saturday night.  Their precious little baby girl was introduced to this world.  Her momma and daddy had been preparing for her arrival, every since they received the good news that they were expecting.

We went to see them Sunday afternoon.  Mom, dad and baby were fine, and absolutely beautiful.  My friends were grinning from ear to ear as they looked at this little miracle that they took turns  holding in their arms.  We all were in awe of this new life.  

As I sat there, I just wondered if Mary felt that same way as she looked down and saw this fragile little life.  So tiny and fragile---yet the physical embodiment of God on earth.  I can just imagine how intimidating it must have been to know that you are holding the son of God in your arms and you were responsible for his care and well being.

There are just so many things about the birth of Christ that just puts me into awe, because it all just totally goes against the world as we would expect.  For instance, the God of Heaven and Earth coming to earth as a weak baby, born into a working class family without any wealth or luxuries.  Then again, maybe these things should not surprise me since his adult life was lived out in the same fashion.  Jesus made no name for himself.  He did not demand his rights or respect.  He just remained focused on his mission which was coming to earth to provide hope and redemption for sinners.

Maybe that is why I love Christmas so much.  To me, this is a time of miracles--a miraculous birth, a miraculous star announcing Jesus' birth,  the miracles of hope and healing that Christ did when he walked upon the face of this earth, and the miracle that God himself came to earth to provide a way for me to have a direct relationship with Him.  To me, this may be the greatest miracle of all.

Photo and written text by Jennifer Meyers copyright 2010.
Video courtesy of you tube.  Song in video is "Mary Did You Know" performed by Clay Aiken

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