Saturday, January 22, 2011

Peaceful Saturday Morning

This morning, the house is silent.  The television is off and the only sound is the sound of my fingers typing along the keyboard and the hum of the refrigerator in the kitchen.  It is one of those rare Saturday mornings where I have awakened and am curled up on the couch wrapped like a burrito in my warm furry blanket.

Outside, a two inch blanket of snow covers the ground.  At sunrise, I peeked outside to watch the first rays of the morning sun kiss the snow that fell Thursday night.  It washed the pure white snow in a lovely warm golden shade as the sun began its ascent into the winter sky.

To be honest, I cherish these moments when I am slow to wake.  I am purposeful to not think about the upcoming activities and the to do lists that need to be accomplished today.  It is just me, my laptop, and my peaceful thoughts this peaceful Saturday morning.

I cherish these moments as little gifts from God.  The joy of having a small moment wrapped in total peace and serenity when chaos envelopes the entire world.  So many people would love to just have one moments peace, and I am basking in it and reflecting on childhood memories and cherished loved ones.  I am blessed to occasionally have these moments, moments when all is well in the world and I am at total peace.  These are the moments where I can recharge, and align my priorities, and having found that rest and peace, I am ready to face another busy day!

(c) Jennifer Meyers 2011
 Text and Photo by Jennifer Meyers 2010, 2011

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