Saturday, June 11, 2011

Expecting a Miracle

miracle of life

**This is something I had written a little while back, and am just getting around to posting it.  If you are going through a tough patch, I hope you can find encouragement in this--because God still provides miracles for his childern.

Miracles can only happen in impossible situations.  I think all of us from time to time would love for God to work a miracle in our lives.  We pray for them.  We hope for them, but none of us want to be placed in that uncomfortable spot where we are no longer in control, and we are totally helpless.  That is where miracles take place.

I believe God still works miracles.  I also believe that God wants us to expect Him to work miracles in our lives when we have difficult situations. I am also beginning to think that God brings us to difficult spots in our lives so that He can show us how He can work miracles in impossible circumstances in our lives.  I think sometimes we don't see those miracles--because we are too busy looking at our problems and obstacles instead of looking at our God.

Right now, we are in the middle of a tough stretch.  We have been stretched to obey.  We have been stretched to keep our hope alive.  We have been stretched to honestly look at the situation, and hand it over to God, because realistically, there was nothing that we could do in our own power to fix it.

Yet, amid all of that stretching, God has taught me alot (which as stubborn as I am could be seen as a miracle in itself).  He has provided money when we have needed it.  He gave us  encouragement when we were running low on hope.  He gave us a glimpse of how He was working in our lives--when we thought we had lost all sense of usefulness and purpose.

I may not have been looking for it before, but right now, I am expecting a miracle--and right now I believe God loves us all enough to give us one.  Our job is to just take the time to look to see God working and acknowlege it.

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